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Нов проект по програма Коменски в нашето училище

Youth Involvement in Europe

Members on the team wanted!
Youth Involvement in Europe > Comenius Project
Планирани визити
Септември – Финландия -1st working meeting in Finland. Creation of Comenix, the character that will start the intercultural dialogue and have various 'international adventures' put by students into cartoon form/ comic. Creation of the web site. Choosing the logo. Partner schools introduce themselves.
Февруари – Полша - 2nd meeting in Poland. Green Europe - youth involvement in environmental issues . Panel discussion/ workshop to produce a guide on how teenagers can help the environment. Making a "Tree" signpost. Making a traditional diary with entries about common interests/values/experiences and photos, both traditional/paper/ and digital ones.
Май – Гърция - 3rd meeting in Greece, 'Comenvision': Karaoke competition. Visiting typical local festivals. Experiencing Greek traditions.
Октомври – Турция - 4th meeting in Turkey. Showing presentations.
'Colympics': Sports activities in mixed-nationality teams to promote collaboration and the sense of belonging.
Март,2015 – България - 5th meeting in Bulgaria. Day of traditions : Presenting and sharing similarities and differences in ethnic, religious and cultural traditions .Workshop on the brochure “Unity in Diversity: similarities and differences in celebrating the biggest spring holiday".
Ден на традициите : Представяне и споделяне на сходства и различия в етническите,религиозните и културните традиции. Семинар за изработване на брошурата „ Единство в разнообразието : сходства и различия в празнуването на най-големия пролетен празник“

Май, 2015 – Испания - 6th meeting in Spain. Wall painting, drawings and a jigsaw puzzle ,which kids will later match or fix in mixed teams, related to children's ideas about the EU and their involvement in its issues. A photo album of student's works/ a video clip on the activities.

Партньори : Германия, Финландия, Латвия, Испания,Полша,Румъния,България,Гърция и Турция